About us?

I screwed up with this is a website that shows novel products, fun, flashy, useful, … And also completely useless. With a touch of humor and even irony.

Do we sell products?

No. None of the products we show sell them directly or indirectly.

What responsibility will the purchased products assume?

No responsibility. The user has to know what to do with us, and our descriptions are not technical descriptions. Under no circumstances should the descriptions coincide with the actual description of the product and the responsibility of the user checked on the website where you are going to buy the description of the actual product, as well as the store’s policies regarding returns, refunds , shipments, … We in no case will be responsible neither directly nor indirectly for the products, procedures, returns, … that are purchased through the external links.

How do we maintain the web?

Through advertising or affiliate links. Some links that carry the products provide us with a small amount of money if a purchase is made through them. You do not assume a price increase of any kind.

Do we manage the payments?

Never. We will never ask you for money directly on our website that we do not sell. If at any time you move to another place, do it through the contact form to see what happens.

Do you have to pay at some point?

No, I do not know if you decide to buy the websites to which they direct the links of the products (Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Etsy, etc.).

Are all the links affiliated?

Obviously not. Some products can be purchased and have affiliates, others can be bought and shared, others are products for development that seek financing, others are simply news and can not be bought you can buy (although you can do that to get an idea)

How can you see the ecosystem of what is shown here in very broad 🙂